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Travel Dairies of Mr. Phenomenal

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Instagram: @mr_phenomenal_diaries

A very well known Photographer and a social media influencer now Mr. Satya, his affinity towards traveling was the outcome of his busy parents, who could never manage to take him on vacations due to their professional commitments, but this became the very reason that made him passionate about traveling. But it wasn’t just that. There was something unknown that he longed for. During one of his initial tours, he happened to notice, People all around, their struggle for very simple things in life, which we might never have even valued. But they didn’t complain they managed to smile even after an unfair life. After returning from this tour he told his mother the stories of that place and showed her the pictures. His mother was so happy about this because she had visited every place with Satya even without physically being there. After this very moment, three things Satya was sure about, he wanted to travel, travel to make it possible for people to experience places even without physically being there, and to not be just a silent spectator of the social issues around and to be able to raise a voice.

Travel photography means everything to him, and it’s perfect with his travel partner, his motorcycle The Royal Enfield. The Adrenaline Rush In that paces through his veins, every time he goes to a new place. Travel Photography doesn’t only mean traveling to exotic locations and capturing once in a lifetime moments it’s as simple as traveling to the closest lake from your home and experiencing the Sunrise or Sunset. Every picture he clicks is imbibed with a part of his soul. Philosophy and thoughts seem to flow out of his clicks in a way that you too can peek in the soul of it, feel what that moment must have felt like.

But like said nothing great comes easy, Everything with this profession was a challenge, something one cannot deny to be full of complexity, From waking up every day to explore the impossible to capturing the essence of the places and bringing the best out of the situation in just a few minutes, and sometimes some locations are too tough to reach and after all that he goes through he still needs to have a calm and focused mind to capture and compose some phenomenal shots by enjoying the experience.

While on his tours he starts with making notes on facts, historical significance and social aspects of all the places so that he shall capture the core essence of the place. With the final list, he also makes custom Maps and the to-do list of the day. He tries to focus on social issues at the places he visits and evaluates the measures that can be taken for the betterment of the situation. “There are a lot of Man-Made and Nature Created wonders which cannot be recreated so we should protect and preserve them for future generations. And without knowing the importance of the place we can’t protect them. So I am trying to spread awareness about the importance of all these Places” says Satya.

With this he continues to work on publishing books of all the states he visited, making it a guide to people whoever wants to visit the state. His guide will give all the necessary information required to visit the Destinations along with Some Phenomenal Photos. He is simply an unbelievable fighter, who chose to rise above everything and showed us what it is to follow your passion, and how important it is to start today.

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