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She built what she wanted to live in.

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Instagram: @indianbudgetbeautyblog

When you are an 18-year-old girl and don’t really get the luxury of spending your pocket money all on makeup that a YouTuber shows in their tutorial. That was 2015 when bronzing, contouring, and highlighting became a full-fledged cultural phenomenon that everyone wanted to try, even Trishna. She was digging myself all over the Internet searching for an affordable bronzer or a contouring powder that She could afford with her pocket money without asking her parents to buy it for me. Well that’s when Indian Budget Beauty was born.

In Nov 2015, she started her beauty blog which was all about ‘Makeup & Beauty’ on a budget. The idea about starting her blog came when she was just scrolling through an online shopping site and saw a few makeup products that looked good but no one really talked about it. So, then she starting writing reviews about those products that were budget-friendly and accessible through online platforms. She wanted to help all those makeup enthusiasts like me who wanted to try the different types of makeup but without breaking their bank!

Her blog started growing. People started reading the reviews that she wrote, they even started buying the products that she was recommending. Few Brands even sent her their products to review and she even got a sponsored-post deal from a very well-known Wedding Planning site. That’s when she started taking her blog seriously. Trishna saw the potential and knew that it can be her source of income someday. Her blog was on a free platform so she started investing in her blog. She started learning more about blogging, affiliate marketing, and SEO optimization. She even implemented every single piece of advice from Neil Patel to Harsh from ShoutMeLoud.

Then came a phase where Trishna wanted to shift her blog to a self-hosted one and she tried doing it helps but unfortunately failed. Her blog got messed up during this time and the traffic was at the lowest for a month. That was the time when she even thought about deleting her blog and totally focus on her college degree. Thankfully, somehow she got over that phase and did not delete it else we would not have Indian Budget Beauty over here.

Trishna successfully migrated her blog using some professional help and it boosted her blog traffic, rankings.She even started working with international and Indian brands like Sigma Beauty, Pixi, Lakme, Loreal, Flower Beauty, NYX, Gerard Cosmetics to name a few. The best thing about Trishna is that she loved creating content and writing blog posts and when people started appreciating her work that’s when she felt satisfied.

This is Trishna, a 23-year-old Bioengineering Student, a makeup enthusiast whose love for makeup and beauty will never cease. Even after 4 years and 7 months of blogging, but she knows it’s a long way to go. Trishna says“I would have regretted now if I deleted my blog during the dark phase but I’m so thankful for all those years that have helped me grow my beauty blog”.

We asked Trishna what would she recommend to an aspiring Beauty Blogger. She mentioned about three things: “1) Invest in your blog from the very first day 2) Stay true to yourself and your readers, never give out any biased views 3) Create quality content. That will help you in gaining true readers that will remember you for your work.”

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