Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

The Intellectual Indian

A Press Release Distribution and Magazine company. We make your business story into a news article and promote it.


Feel free to nominate yourself or someone who you think deserves recognisation. We will get in touch with them shortly for further interview, discussion and process.

Kindly read the nomination criteria before submitting your application.


Uniqueness in the solution/ services/ products which involves path breaking/ thought provoking contributions.

Market Potential/ Impact

Commercial Value and impact on business. Impact on business productivity and improvement of Profitability/ Revenue or business goals.

Social Impact

Impact on ease of use or how brilliantly it has contributed to the ease of life. Did it change the way we evolve.


Sustainability of the success or business goals over a longer period. Ability to sustain the offering to contribute to futuristic goals.


Ability to integrate across platforms/ applications and user friendliness across platforms.

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