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My First article

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If I were supposed to give credits to anything that I am today, then it would definitely be the borrowed Smartphone. A few pictures that I clicked that got me trapped in them forever. I still clearly remember the craving kept going from one picture to another and soon it turned out to be an inseparable part of me, Photography”- Vineet Sharma

Vineet Sharma is a young, talented photographer from Theog, a town near Shimla. Five years ago if he were asked anything about photography, maybe he couldn’t even answer it, because he didn’t really even consider this as his calling. But that changed, with time and with everything around him seemed like was pushing him into this magic of pausing life, the photography. His observant creative self, the fun yet lazy college life and of course the lush mountains and scenic views of Himachal helped. With each click what started as a hobby soon turned into a passion.

Vineet believes in versatility in photography, he clicks everything that invites his soul, be it portraits, wildlife, fashion, advertising, architectural and of course travel. He does not like to be labeled as a specific type of photographer and his messaging too similarly ranges from educating his audiences on local Wild Morels to strong messages on Nature conservation.

Vineet has marrited his passion of photography to his profession. But that was not always the case as he worked at a highly reputed Travel Company in Mumbai but how could those mini cubicles keep his free spirit inside. He longed for that fresh air of the Himalayas and the feel of his home ground. He did continue photography in Mumbai, but his job didn’t allow him to invest much time, so the itch remained, and he left the job to do full time photography. He currently is focusing on event, fashion, and advertising photography on the side to earn so that he can learn better and also buy some new gears. The path is tough, and self-doubt comes in along with societal pressure but responses to his photos on Social media gives him confidence to keep on going. His work speaks for itself so he keeps on getting opportunities and Vineet takes them all; you might find him on the floor in an event or high up in the mountains in wee hours of the morning just to take that perfect click. He observes, times the moments then along with his vision and creativity those beautiful pictures come to life.

Vineet does not consider himself an influencer as such but he says that one needs to treat this as a business without compromising with the content and messaging they put out. When asked what photography means to him, Vineet accepted that this is the first time he had to ponder over the thought because for him it became a way of life so naturally that it didn’t even occur to him. For him photography is like what meditation is to a monk, it gives him peace and clarity through behind the lens with his mind is itself unclear. Photography has given him a new perspective to look at things both internally and externally. So, he tries everyday to hone this craft. His passion for photography has never been an in-your-face kind but a nurturing journey, be it from an underconfident to celebrated photographer or from a boy climbing up those mountains literally and figuratively to the man conquering them just to get that Perfect Click.

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