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Journey from dreams to reality.

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He longed for the unseen, for the unreal to happen, like dreams. To walk two ways, however impossible it seemed then, he made it a believable one, and merely reminded us that it’s only impossible until you haven’t really tried.

Mr. Tushar R.Lad is a wildlife and nature photographer and was one among those who grew up watching the mesmerizing beauty of nature and wildlife through television at home and developed an interest,imagining himself on the field and accordingly decided his future career.

It all began to him during his bachelor’s degree, when he developed interest in the bird watching and photographing them and eventually started to observe the wildlife around and developed a good hand onhis camera. During the course he worked on few projects with his professor Rahul Prabhukhanolkar and seniors Shashank Borkar and Shyam Desai with whom he experienced and learnt the dedication, discipline required and the beauty to work on field, they were with whomhe learnt not only to photograph nature and wildlife but to study their behavior, their importance in the ecosystem, understand the problems faced by them due to anthropogenic interferenceand went on with photographing and exploring new places and wildlife that it holds.

Later on with his interest in the marine life he chose to be a marine biologist and got himself admitted in to get his Masters degree in marine biology.

His parents play a very important role in supporting him in whatever he dreamt to be and work for, providing with all the gears he needed.

Among his various experiences, one was the greatest and scariest moments that he has ever had in his life was when he was assisting his friend in the field work in collecting data on a project, while they were recording the calls of one of the anuran species in Amboli, Maharashtra, with the breeding season at its peak with heavy rains, he was with his camera which was hanged on to his neck and holding a recorder in one hand and an umbrella in the other to protect his gear from getting wet, while his friend was busy recording other data concerned to his project. While everything seemed at peace his friend encountered a Malabar pit viper right a feet beside, heading straight towards him, he suddenly grabbed his hand and pulled him off the spot and leaving him unaware of what was actually going on.When they discovered the snake their heart went on highest peaks, it was both a terrifying and a memorable moment that Tushar has ever encountered.

He believes choosing this as a career was one of the best decisions of his life since this field helps to closely look over the problems that humans have created, understanding the consequences on the lives on Earth, with each one of us contributing in the global warming, loss of wildlife habitats, mass bleachingof corals and lot more.

He concludes by saying “Wildlife photography has a great reach with individuals from various fields like Engineers and others. What I truly believe is that any amateur and aspiring wildlife photographer should start and grow with a thought of conservingthe wildlife and the wild habitats educating them who are unaware of the critical situation that we are in and ways to become nature friendly.

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