Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

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IIT Roorkee develops sterilization system for everyday use to reduce covid-19 transmission risk

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IIT Roorkee has developed a continuously operated sterilization system which can be used daily and help reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.

ndian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) has developed a first-of-its-kind continuously operated sterilization system for everyday accessories to reduce the transmission risk of COVID-19. The sterilization system is important in today’s world with the growing risk of contracted coronavirus from unsanitized surfaces and public places. IIT Roorkee has taken this initiative as a protective measure, which will help people be safe and avoid the risk of infection if they tend to be in public places.

This machine can be used for the disinfection of common-use accessories such as electronic gadgets (mobiles, watches, wireless gadgets) and metallic and plastic accessories (wallets, keys, spectacles, bags).

The designed product has uses in government and private offices, airports, educational institutes, shopping malls, among others to disinfect the common items. The prototype of the system has been handed over to the Haridwar Municipal Corporation for their use.

Need for disinfection of wallets, mobiles

Municipal Commissioner of Haridwar, Mr. Narendra Singh Bhandari, expressed his appreciation for the product by saying that in this challenging situation numerous protective measures are been taken by people like masks, sanitizer but they felt the need for disinfecting accessories which are routinely carried by common public like mobiles, wallet, keys, documents/files etc. This will be a boon to every public sector office which are open 24×7 and thus demands more protective measures to be taken.

“We requested IIT Roorkee and shared the idea for which they promptly responded and started working on it. Mr. Tanvir Singh Marwah (Alumni of the Institution, and Assistant Municipal Commissioner) coordinated the same with IIT Roorkee on behalf of Haridwar Municipal Corporation. We are thankful to IIT Roorkee for their expertise and support in making this venture successful,” he added.

The product consists of an ultra-violet chamber equipped with a moving system which helps in carrying the object in and out of the sterilization system. It has been designed, in line with the International Standards and Scientific Literature on the use of Ultraviolet Radiation for Sterilization. The product, by design and operation, takes care of all the health hazards associated with the use of the UV light.

Prof. Ajit Chaturvedi, Director IIT Roorkee commended the team for its efforts. He said, “IIT Roorkee has been striving to contribute whatever is feasible during this pandemic. Under the current situation, this machine would play a useful role in blocking the transmission of coronavirus through common accessories.”

Production to be scaled up

The continuously operated sterilization system has been designed by a team consisting of Prof.Vimal Chandra Srivastava, Department of Chemical Engineering; and his research group students namely Mr. Navneet Kumar, Mr. Rohit Chauhan and Dr. Swati Verma.

The prototype was conceptualized, designed, locally fabricated in Roorkee, and tested within a period of 20-days of lockdown. A patent is also being filed for the developed system. The team will improvise and scale up the production of this system in line with the feedback of the market.

“This is a one -of- a kind product which can disinfect common accessories and significantly reduce the transmission risk of COVID-19. The highlight of this sterilizer is that it is operated in continuous mode for non-stop screening of common-use accessories. All the UV sterilizers available in the market, till now, are table-top or batch mode sterilizers,” said Professor Vimal Chandra Srivastava.

Source: India Today

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