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He woke up wanderlust

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Instagram: @iwokeupwanderlust

A travel enthusiast by nature and a photographer by heart he who has excelled in imbibing life in the pictures. Witness the moment in real or dive in the mesmerising beauty captured by this young man, both will make you feel almost the same, since his lens know the magic, they can combine life in moments, those that stay forever.

Kartik Salunke, a freelance travel and nature photographer, currently working as a Digital marketer, loves to travel and photograph. He constantly finds himself creating artwork, craft or anything that can fuel the fire of creativity in him. He has also won a number of prizes in multiple District level photography competitions and that provided him the push he just needed to pursue photography professionally.

He was always intrigued by photography right from childhood. He used to keenly observe photographs carefully and multiple times. As he grew up watching Facebook and Instagram, 500px, etc, he was influenced by so many photographers who used to travel around the world and document them. His personal favourites are Chris Burkard and Auditya Venkatesh. These guys are incredible photographers who helped Kartik change the way how he used to look at things.

Travelling and photography are two most important things that cause a stir in his life, so he decided to combine these both and document his journey wherever he is travelling and make his journeys a part of everybody’s life by posting it on social media accounts. Then slowly but steadily he got a positive feedback and since then he has continues to post these amazing travel diaries.

In person, he is quite a expressive person. However even if it started just like an amusement back then but, as the years passed he has matured as a photographer. And now he challenges himself by working on all types of projects which include Architectural, Interior, Portraits, and Events, Pre-wedding and post-wedding, Product photography. This learning curve turned him into a professional photographer. So it would be right to say that he is a “Passionfessional” if that is concerned as a term.

What excites him the most is when he sees thunder and lightning and always wanted to capture it in frames and after spending hours waiting for the right moment. He was finally lucky enough to get that lightening picture and this was a really special and extraordinary experience far. It looks easy but trust me photographing lighting is a challenging task.

Here we have some beautiful words of art by Kartik himself,

It’s like some days you’re flooded with projects and the other days you are just waiting for projects to pop up but that’s not happening. Sometimes the curves go flatten. “After the dark night, the day brings along all the colours that make you smile.”  “Honestly speaking, don’t let the numbers of followers define your work. Even if you have a lesser audience but the right one it’s enough, because feedback is the most important thing in your work. It helps you improve your skills. Don’t chase fame, just follow your dreams, give your 200%, learn from the people in your niche, be proud of whatever you’re giving everything for. The success will arrive at some point but don’t stop there. Set even higher goals and achieve. Have faith in something and stick to it like an octopus.”- Kartik

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