Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

The Intellectual Indian

A Press Release Distribution and Magazine company. We make your business story into a news article and promote it.


The Intellectual Indian has been one of the powerful platform featuring both well-established firms and startups across various domains. We share success stories of entrepreneurs, business owners, start-ups, socials, the impactful products, and services that have made lives easier for our citizens. We bring in the nuances of Indian technologies across the content delivered and stands as one of the largest ecosystems encompassing the perspectives and business ideas of eminent professionals in the world. Besides, our platform portrays the unfolding technological advancements, business stories, success stories of entrepreneurs, business owners and people best in theirrespective fields. The Intellectual Indian has been seamlessly impacting the lives of emerging entrepreneurs, businesses, students and a lot of others since its inception.

We are a platform that resonates with engaging and informative content, coverage of successful entrepreneurs,proficient CEOs, industry leaders, well-versed technologists, and many others.
The Intellectual Indian e-magazine is viewed by majority of Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Investors, CXOs, VCs, CEOs and market influencers like fund capitalists, and analysts and other decision makers across industries.

We are offering the best media platform which is determined to grab the attention of most of the business community!

We also work as a press release distribution newswire network. Wherein the articles that published on our website are eventually picked up by Top Digital News Channels such as Business Standards India, Business Insider India, The Vogue Times, The Telegraph, The Headline Media and many more.

And, we are exclusive partners. What do I mean by that is, no other agency apart from us, in the entire world can route your articles on these premium channels.

These publications will help your clients get higher recognition, higher brand reputation, and generate ‘DO FOLLOW’ back links to their website that will increase your Google Rankings.

What Our clients say?

Hey; I am indeed greatful for the wonderful team at The Intellectual Indian E-Magazine for publishing my Article in their magazine as well as many news channels, it has helped my story reach to huge amount of audience.
- Vivek Khot
Vishal Industries Ltd
Hello everyone; I was in search of a Press Release distribution and magazine company for a very long time. That's when I found out about The Intellectual Indian team! Thank you for letting my Article get published with your network it has helped my business generate many backlinks that gained potential traffic to my website.
- Dr. Shweta Singh
Ennoble IP Pvt. Ltd.
Hey; Working with amazing team at The Intellectual Indian which is a Press Release distribution and magazine company has helped our business gain a good brand presence. Their magazine is super cool, informative and easy to read.
- Almas patel
Big Fat Fig, Goa
Hey; I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank The Intellectual Indian Team - Your PR and Magazine service is worth the money! Great Job! Thank you for service!
- Allan d'souza
OPS Consultants
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